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I am a born and raised Southern Gentleman form Atlanta, Georgia. From a young age I have always had a strong love of music and it's ability to evoke so many emotions. That love of music had me sneaking out of my parents house at night to go see live bands. Going to these shows only had my love of music grow stronger. As soon as I could I got a job at Atlanta's hot's nightclub "Masquerade" as Head of Security. Working there was a dream come true because they hosted all my favorite bands and I got to work with  bands like The Misfits,Dio,Mudvayne and White Zombie just to name a few. Soon I moved into helping with running sound for bands and was even in complete control of the audio for all of the local acts. At that time I was (and still ) a bass player in a few bands, playing shows and putting some time in at the studio. The studio is where it hit me that this is what I was meant to do in life. Being on that side of creating was fascinating and put some kind of meaning to my life that I had never felt before. So this is during the 90's and I decided to move to Seattle to pursue my dream of making it in the music industry. I worked at it for a while in bands with small gigs here and there but all I could think about was getting in the studio and behind the console. So I decided  to come at it with a different approach. I was able to meet and become friends with Robert Lang who owns one of Seattle's top recording studios. The world class, Robert Lang Studio in Seattle Washington is where I started my internship. Being there gave me a direct connection to some of the best Engineers and Producers in the industry from around the world to learn from directly. On top of that I received my Bachelor's Degree from Full Sail University in Audio Production.

 So let my passion for Audio be your next project.

For  All  Your  AUDIO  Needs


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